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The Weegeepedia community has chosen to close Weegeepedia Answers and does not plan on reopening it in the near future. All future questions shall be deleted and remain unanswered.

Welcome to WeegeeAnswers! This is the best site where you can ask your own questions about Weegee. We are a project of Weegeepedia, a major wiki providing information on Weegee. Make sure to read the few rules before asking questions.


  • No duplicate questions (You can prevent this by searching for your question on the search bar)
  • Use proper grammar when asking. Character names should be capitalized
  • Don't ask questions unrelated to Weegee or the Weegee Meme
  • Try to use your best English. Unreadable questions may be deleted

Weegee's Tip: Do not add a Question Mark when you ask a question in the search box, as that will give you a broken link.

Here are some frequently asked questions you might want to look at before asking your own:

Real and Canon Questions

Questions you need an answer to

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